Flight Policy

Flight Policy

Scope of this section

1. This section contains the specific terms for Flights products and services.

Contractual relationship

1. Most domestic Flights on our Platform are provided via API from the airline company.

2. When you make a Booking, it’s directly with the airline. We’re not a “contractual party” to your Booking. When booking, you enter into (i) an Intermediation Contract with the Third-Party Aggregator (for the ticket) and (ii) a Contract of Carriage with the airline (for the Flight itself).

3. If you book any extras (e.g. additional baggage, insurance, etc.), you’ll enter into a direct contract with the airline. We will not be involved in this contract.

4. We act solely as the Platform and are not involved in the Third-Party Terms. We are not responsible for your ticket or any extras you may buy and (to the fullest extent permitted by law) have no liability to you in relation to your Booking.

What we will do

1. We provide the Platform on which Service Providers, here the airlines company, can promote and sell their Travel Experiences, and you can search for, compare, and book them.

2. Once you’ve booked your Flight, your Booking details (e.g. the names of the traveler(s)) will be provided to the Airlines.

3. Depending on the Contract of Carriage, we may be able to help you change or cancel your Booking if you want to do so.

What you need to do

1. You must fill in all your contact details correctly, so we and/or the Service Provider can provide you with information about your Booking and, if necessary, contact you.

2. You must read and agree to comply with our Terms and the Third-Party Terms (which will be displayed at check-out) and acknowledge that breaching them may lead to additional charges and/or the cancellation of your Booking.

Price and payment

1. When you book a Flight, your payment will be organized by us, by the Third-Party Aggregator (or a party specified by them), or by a third party such as an airline. For details of how we organize payments (including the related rights and obligations), see “Payment” above.

Amendments, cancellations, and refunds

1. You’ll find the cancellation policy in the Contract of Carriage, which is available while you’re booking your Flight.

2. There may be a fee for changing or canceling your Flight.

3. Airlines reserve the right to reschedule or cancel flights at their discretion.

4. Different tickets from the same airline may have different restrictions or include different services.

5. If you have any questions about changes, cancellations, or refunds, contact our Customer Service team.

What else do you need to know?

Code share in International Flights

1. Some airlines have “code share” agreements with other airlines. So you may buy your ticket from one airline (your “ticketing carrier”) but fly in a plane that’s owned by another airline (your “operating carrier”). In most cases like this, you’ll check in with your operating carrier, but confirm this with your ticketing carrier ahead of time.

2. While you’re booking your Flight, you’ll be informed if it’s a “code share” Flight.

Airline prohibited practices

3. Most airlines don’t allow people to buy tickets that include flights they don’t intend to use, for example, a round-trip ticket if the person doesn’t intend to use the return flight. For more examples, just enter “point-beyond ticketing,” “hidden-city ticketing,” or “back-to-back ticketing” into a search engine.

4. When you purchase a Flight, you agree not to do this, and to indemnify us against airline claims for any difference between the cost of your actual journey and the cost of the full journey specified on your ticket(s).

Use of flight segments

5. Most airlines require customers to use their flights in order. If you don’t take your first Flight, your airline may automatically cancel the rest of your itinerary.

6. If your airline does allow you to “skip” any Flights in your itinerary, make sure you cancel the Flight(s) you don’t want, in line with the cancellation policy. You may not be entitled to a full refund (or any refund) for these unused Flights.

One-way tickets

7. If you buy two one-way tickets rather than a single round-trip ticket:

  • you’ll be making two separate Bookings, each with its own rules and policies
  • any changes to one Flight will not affect the other, for example, if your initial Flight is canceled, you won’t be guaranteed a refund for your second Flight.

8. If you’re traveling abroad, you may need to prove to the check-in and/or immigration staff that you have a return Flight (see “International travel” below for more on passports, visas, etc.).

Charges, taxes, and fees

9. Your fare will include any taxes and fees charged by an airline or government (except entry/exit fees – see “Entry/Exit fees” below). You may be responsible for dealing with any retroactive change in the tax rate.

Service fees

10. Depending on which Flight you choose, you may be charged a service fee by us and/or the Third-Party Aggregator.

  • Our service fee (if any) is a fee for using our Platform so you can buy a ticket from a Third-Party Aggregator. This fee includes any applicable VAT, GST, or similar taxes.
  • The Third-Party Aggregator’s service fee (if any) is a fee for using them as an intermediary to the airline(s). This fee may include any applicable VAT, GST, or similar taxes.

11. The price of your ticket will include any service fee(s).

Fees for baggage and other extras

12. Your airline may charge for checked baggage, excess/overweight baggage, priority boarding, allocated seating, onboard entertainment, food and drink, and/or airport check-in.

13. If they do, the charge(s) will be on top of the price of your ticket (unless it’s expressly stated that your Flight includes the extra(s)).

International travel

14. It’s your responsibility to:

  • carry a valid passport and/or visa if required
  • comply with any entry requirements
  • find out if you need a visa to pass through a country that isn’t your final destination
  • check with the relevant embassy in advance to see if there’s been any change in passport, visa, or entry requirements
  • review any warnings or advice from your country of residence/origin before you go to/through a country or region.

15. By arranging travel to or from any location, we are not guaranteeing that it is without risk and, to the fullest extent permitted by law, we will not be liable for any resulting damages or losses.

16. It’s not a common practice, but international law allows “disinfection” of aircrafts to kill insects. To do this, personnel might spray the aircraft’s cabin with an aerosol insecticide while passengers are on board, or treat its interior surfaces with a residual insecticide while they’re not on board. Before you travel, we advise you to find out about disinfection, including where it might happen.

Entry/Exit fees

17. Fees charged by countries or airports to persons entering/leaving the country are not covered by your fare. Before you travel, we advise you to find out if you’ll have to pay this kind of fee.