Hotel Policy

Hotel Policy

Scope of this Section

1. This section contains the specific terms for Hotel and accommodation products and services.

Contractual relationship

1. When you make a Booking, it’s directly with the Service Provider. We’re not a “contractual party” to your Booking.

2. owns and operates the Platform.

3. Our Platform only shows Accommodations that have a commercial relationship with us, and it doesn’t necessarily show all their products or services.

4. Information about Service Providers (e.g. facilities, house rules, sustainability measures) and their Travel Experiences (e.g. prices, availability, and cancellation policies) is based on what they provide to us. They’re responsible for making sure it’s accurate and up to date.

 What we will do

1. We provide the Platform on which Service Providers can promote and sell their Accommodations, and you can search for, compare, and book them.

2. Once you’ve booked your Accommodation, we will provide you and the Service Provider with details of your Booking, including the names of the guest(s).

3. Depending on the terms of your Booking, we may be able to help you change or cancel it if you want.

What you need to do

1. Fill in all your contact details correctly, so we and/or the Service Provider can provide you with info about your Booking and, if necessary, contact you.

2. Read these Terms and the terms displayed during the booking process carefully.

3. Take care of the Accommodation and its furniture, fixtures, electronics, and other contents, and leave things in the same state they were in when you got there. If anything is broken, damaged, or lost, make sure you report it to the staff there as soon as you can, before you check out.

4. Maintain the security of the Accommodation and its contents during your stay. So, for example, don’t leave doors or windows unlocked.

Price and payment

1. See Pricing Policy.

Amendments, cancellations, and refunds

See Cancellation Policy.

What else do you need to know?

Price incentives by

1. Some of the price reductions you see are funded by us, not by the Service Provider. We simply pay some of the cost ourselves.

Damage policy

3. When you’re booking, you may see that some Service Providers refer to a “damage policy.” This means that if anyone in your group losses or damages anything:

  • you should inform the Service Provider
  • instead of charging you for it directly, the Service Provider will have 14 days to submit a damage payment request through our Platform, under your reservation number
  • if they do, we’ll tell you, then you can tell us if you have any comments and whether you agree with the charge – then:
  • if you agree, we’ll charge you on their behalf
  • if you disagree, we’ll look into it and decide whether or not to discuss it further*.

5. There’s a limit (displayed while you’re booking) to how much the Service Provider can charge you under the damage policy through our Platform.

6. Any payment you make would be between the Service Provider and you. We’d just be organizing it on the Service Provider’s behalf.

7. The damage policy doesn’t relate to general cleaning, ordinary wear and tear, any crimes (such as theft), or any non-physical “damages” (e.g. fines for smoking or bringing pets).

8. The Service Provider might require a “damage deposit” before or at check-in. If they do, we’ll tell you about it while you’re booking – but it has nothing to do with the “damage policy.” We won’t be involved in any financial settlement related to damage deposits.

* If there’s any damage, the Service Provider can always decide to initiate a (legal) claim against you outside of the damage policy, in which case the limit (see 5 above) wouldn’t apply.

How we work

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