Hotel Policy

Activity Policy

Scope of this section

1. This section contains the specific terms for Activities & Attractions products and services.

Contractual relationship

1. We do not (re)sell, offer, or provide any Activities & Attractions on our own behalf. When you book an Activity & Attraction, you enter into a contract directly with (a) the Service Provider or (b) a Third-Party Aggregator (if they’re reselling the Activity & Attraction), as disclosed during the booking process.

2. We act solely as the Platform and are not involved in the Third-Party Terms. We are not responsible for your ticket and (to the fullest extent permitted by law) have no liability to you in relation to your Booking.

What we will do

1. We provide the Platform on which Service Providers and (from time to time) Third-Party Aggregators can promote and sell an Activity & Attraction, and you can search for, compare, and book them.

2. Once you’ve booked your Activities & Attractions, we’ll provide you and the Service Provider with details of the Booking. If the Service Provider needs more than your name, we’ll tell you at the time of booking.

3. Depending on the terms of your Booking, we may be able to help you change or cancel it if you want.

What you need to do

1. You must fill in all your contact details correctly, so we and/or the Service Provider can provide you with information about your Booking and, if necessary, contact you.

2. You must read and agree to comply with our Terms and the Third-Party Terms (which will be displayed at check-out) and acknowledge that breaching them may lead to additional charges and/or the cancellation of your Booking.

Price and payment

1. See Pricing Policy.

Amendments, cancellations, and refunds

1. Please see Amendments, cancellations, and refunds